About Us

CAL MED is Tobacco-Free

CAL MED is proudly tobacco-free, which promotes a healthy environment for our patients, staff and visitors.

Being tobacco-free is the right thing to do and demonstrates our leadership in wellness.

As a system for health, a tobacco-free Madigan helps our patients and staff stay and become healthier.

Our commitment to being tobacco-free represents one of the strongest statements we can make about:

  • the health risks associated with tobacco use
  • our concern for public health

Tobacco includes, but is not limited to, cigars, cigarettes, electronic nicotine delivery devices (i.e., "e-cigarettes", "e-cigars"), stem pipes, water pipes, hookahs, and smokeless products that are chewed, dipped, sniffed or dissolvable.

If you want to quit or have questions about being tobacco-free, please call our Nutritionist at (831) 242-5907.

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